About SOD

About SOD

Get to know the Salem Area Sustainable Opportunity Development Center - also known as the SOD Center. SOD has been a part of economic development in the Salem, Ohio area for several years and looks forward to helping create a bright future for the entire region of Columbiana County. The mission of the SOD Center is to facilitate growth, to advance vitality and improve quality of life for Salem residents.

Our Community Vision

The SOD Center enhances economic growth and development by capitalizing on opportunities and connecting resources that make Salem the community of choice for business, industry and residents..

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Board of Directors

We support your business growth through site selection, retention, expansion, entrepreneurship, infrastructure, workforce development and quality of life. No wonder, businesses are Growing In Salem.

How SOD Center Does Work for You.

"We support all businesses, small and large, to attract, retain, expand and develop. We help build entrepreneurship, provide training facilities and connect you with the right resources – while collaborating with regional, state and national resources. We are all Growing in Salem." - Julie Needs, Executive Director, SOD Center