Board of Directors

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    George W. Morris, III  (2018)
    President, Morris Financial Group

    Howard Rohleder (2019)

    Shawna L'Italien (2019)
    Harrington, Hoppe & Mitchell, Ltd.

    Jock Buta (2020)
    Butech-Bliss, Inc.

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    J. Robert Sebo (2018)

    David Johnson (2020)
    Summitville Tiles, Inc.

    Anita Hackstedde, M.D. (2020)
    CEO, Salem Regional Medical Center

    Ralph J. Lober II, CPA  (2018)
    President & CEO, Consumers National Bank

    Gary Eichler, Jr. (2019)

    Rick Fryda (2020)
    President & CEO, COMPCO

    Tom Fee (2020)
    CFO, FreshMark

    Dave Gano (2018)
    TruCut Incorporated

    Brooke Pidgeon  (2018)
    Church Budget Envelope Co.

    John Tonti (2020)
    Salem Community Foundation

    Rob McCulloch (2020
    Hunter Associates

    David Hughes  (2019)

    Joe Hovorka (2019)

    Todd Olson (2019)
    BOC Water Hydraulics

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Board of Directors

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