Online Assessments Available: Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA)

Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA)



Online Assessment

Designed for management development, the Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA) measures adult emotional intelligence on five scales; perceiving, managing, decision making, achieving, and influencing

How It Works

The 50-item self-assessment accurately measures emotional intelligence on five scales:

  1. Perceiving
  2. Managing
  3. Decision making
  4. Achieving
  5. Influencing

The accompanying Workbook and workshop curriculum familiarize individuals with the concept of emotional intelligence. It allows them to learn more about themselves and identify strategies to leverage their strengths and find opportunities for improvement.


Uses and Applications

The EISA can be applied as a(n):

  • Effective component in training programs on related topics such as leadership, communication, and team building
  • Addition to any program that focuses on interpersonal skills
  • Tool for addressing the five emotional intelligence factors
  • Discussion starter for groups about team dynamics

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this assessment, participants will have the skills to:

  • Uncover the major components of emotional intelligence
  • Recognize the behaviors and characteristics of an emotionally intelligent person
  • Identify areas where emotional intelligence skills can be applied
  • Evaluate personal strengths and growth opportunities
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