Online Assessments Available: What's My Communication Style 4th Edition Assessment

What's My Communication Style 4th Edition Assessment



Build a better understanding of personality style, communication, and their effects on your colleagues with What's My Communication Style Fourth Edition. This tool will allow you to identify an individual's dominant communication style and the communication behaviors that distinguish it. The four styles are Direct, Spirited, Considerate, and Systematic.

How It Works

What's My Communication Style Fourth Edition provides every employee insight into everyday communications with others. This assessment is appropriate for individuals at any organizational level who want to discover more about themselves and their communication preferences. Individuals identify their preference for one of four communication styles using a 24-item assessment.

What's My Communication Style Fourth Edition starts with a self-assessment (a communication style inventory) that takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Individuals respond to 24 different items relating to both verbal and nonverbal communication by selecting the statement ending that they believe best reflects their perceived communication behavior. Each response is scored, providing individuals with a total summary for each of the four personal communication styles: direct, spirited, considerate, and systematic. The majority of individuals will show a clear preference for one of the communication styles, which becomes their dominant style.

Uses and Applications

What's My Communication Style Fourth Edition is appropriate for use with anyone and is equally effective for personal and management development. The communication assessment can be used as a standalone training development tool, or it can be incorporated into a more comprehensive training program on communication skills.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this assessment, participants will:

  • Identify a preference for one of four communication styles
  • Uncover the characteristics of each style
  • Discover how style affects communication
  • Learn how to "speed-read" a person's dominant communication style
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