AC/DC Certification: Electricity Fundamentals

AC/DC Certification: Electricity Fundamentals

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AC/DC System Certification

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Decrease production downtime, improve efficiency and increase output-All hinges on understand electricity and how to work with it safely. These courses have been specifically developed to give students the knowledge and skills required to enable them to work safely and effectively with electricity. The lab components of the training offer the student the opportunity to build, test and troubleshoot AC/DC circuits and examine the operating voltages and currents related to proper circuit operation. Technicians will use various instruments to make circuits measurements and calculations. 

Deadline: July 6, 2022

Wed, Jul 13, 2022 -  Thu, Jul 14, 2022
08:00 am -  12:00 pm

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Course Topics:

Basic concepts of electrical circuits, both in direct
current (DC) and alternating current (AC)
- Ohm’s law
- Kirchhoff’s voltage and current laws
- Using measuring instruments (voltmeters, ammeters,
ohmmeters, etc.)
- Solving series and parallel circuits
- Electromagnetism
- Electrical distribution
- Troubleshooting electrical circuits
- Exploration of the most common electrical
components: power sources, resistors, inductors,
capacitors, transformers, switches, relays, motors

Core Competencies:

- Explain the working principles of an electrical circuit
- Safely and effectively measure an electrical circuit
- Identify, sketch and describe basic electrical
components and devices
- Build, test & troubleshoot basic electrical circuits
- Read basic electrical circuit diagrams
- Calculate impedance and inductive/capacitive
- Safely and effectively measure an AC electrical circuit
using a DMM
Troubleshooting various complex DC and AC circuits
with faults using a voltmeter and ohmmeter


AC/DC Training System

DC power source (protected)
- AC power source (protected)
- A selection of resistors
- An inductor, parallel-connected
to a fluorescent light
- Two capacitors
- Transformer
- A selection of switches: SPST,
SPDT, DPDT, NO push button,
NC push button, selector switch,
knife switch
- DC relay
- AC relay
- A selection of indicator lights:
green, yellow, red
- Potentiometer
- DC motor
- Solenoid
- Buzzer
- Circuit Breaker with
test components
- Fuse

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