On-the-Job Training: Train-the-Trainer Workshop with Pete Mcvoy

On-the-Job Training: Train-the-Trainer Workshop With Pete Mcvoy

On-the-Job Training: Train-the-Trainer with Pete Mcvoy. 


Live, In-person Instruction!


To operate successfully, strategically, and safely,
manufacturing organizations require solid, strong training programs. And who better to
train on a topic, process, and/or area of expertise than the person who knows the most
about it? But what if that person isn’t a “trainer”? By learning practical and impactful
strategies delivering training, coaching, mentoring, and delivering meaningful feedback,
participants will learn invaluable skills to be able to transfer their knowledge and
expertise to others, and at the same time, provide their audiences with lasting and
meaningful training experiences.

Who will this class benefit?

Anyone responsible for training others in their particular area of
expertise and/or career discipline but who does not have a great deal of experience in
training, facilitation, coaching, and/or mentoring. In addition, this training is also well-
suited for those who already train regularly but believe they need to improve
their skills.


Registration Deadline: Monday, August 5, 2024

Tue, Aug 13, 2024
08:30 am -  03:00 pm

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Event description:

Multi-format classroom training covering practical and impactful
strategies for successfully sharing knowledge, teaching processes, coaching and
mentoring, and building rapport with your training audience (in this case, a single

Course Objectives:
• Understand how adults learn and how to craft your delivery to maximize their learning
• Explore the OJT training cycle
• Outline and practice techniques to help you prepare to train
• Discuss and practice tips and strategies for one-on-one training delivery
• Explore and practice ways to coach and give more effective and meaningful feedback
• Discuss obstacles that can get in the way of effective training

 Understand how adults learn
Your Experiences
How you learn
How adults learn
 Review the OJT (On-the-Job) Training Cycle
 Outline techniques to help you prepare to train
Training fear
Documentation sources and requirements
Preparation exercise
Communications techniques
 Discuss tips and strategies for training delivery
 Explore ways to coach and give more effective and meaningful feedback
Feedback Model
Feedback characteristics
 Discuss obstacles that can get in the way of effective training
 Skill practice and application
 Planning
This agenda covers the material that the participants will cover during the workshop. It
is a combination of interaction, self-discovery, small group discussion and presentation,
demonstration and practice during the workshop.

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