Train the Trainer Workshop with Peter Dell

Train The Trainer Workshop With Peter Dell

First time offering, Train the Trainer Workshop with Peter Dell. 


This workshop will meet your needs, regardless of the experience and skill level of your trainers, by giving you universal training skills and instructional methods


Live, In-person Instruction!


Registration Deadline: Monday, August 5, 2024

Tue, Aug 13, 2024
08:30 am -  03:00 pm

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Your employees are not professional trainers but often need to present technical knowledge, procedures, and skills to your employees. Peer training by co-workers has been proven to be more effective than training given by management or outsiders. Workers are more likely to believe and pay attention to a peer trainer who shares the same beliefs and concerns while facing the same problems daily. 

Your Trainers Will Learn:

  • The Seven Adult Learning Concepts
  • How to Deliver Effective Training
  • Required Conditions for Adult Learning
  • Adult Learning Styles and Instructional Strategies That Match
  • How to Handle Difficult Personalities and Disruptive Students
  • How to Design Effective Training in 10 Steps
  • Evaluating and Improving Training Programs
  • Common Training Mistakes
  • How to Make Sure It Sticks!

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