New Computer Lab

New Computer Lab

Salem's SOD Center Expands Again With New Computer Lab

In an effort to accommodate even more of Salem’s workforce, The SOD Center has added a new computer lab that boasts 15 new laptops. New computer aided courses and classes are being scheduled.

Whether it’s connecting businesses to necessary resources, or training Salem’s workforce for certification, The SOD Center has been invaluable to Salem’s economic development, especially during the pandemic. However, this influence can now reach even more with their brand new, state-of-the-art, computer lab. Originally built into the expansion grant from earlier this year, the new computer lab was prompted by Salem’s employers’ need for transportable technology. SOD’s executive director, Julie Needs, stated, “If a business has 10 employees to train on Office 365 by a certain deadline but only has 2 laptops, they can now schedule time with us here at the center. And those 10 employees can be certified at the same time, instead of possibly having to wait until the next quarter.” This new lab saves existing businesses time, which, in turn, saves them money. However, in addition to the obvious savings, the new computer lab now enables the SOD Center to service almost every aspect of Salem’s workforce.

College can be intimidating on many levels, which could keep individuals from advancing their careers. This new computer lab addresses that concern by allowing SOD to reach those they may not have before. “Most of our training targeted the incumbent worker,” Needs stated. “But with the new computer lab, we can now offer our many training services to both the unemployed and underemployed.” Moreover, with this expansion, The SOD Center took a crucial step towards bridging the gap between the unemployed and the employed.

The SOD Training Center was established in 2018 as a training resource for area businesses. They are currently taking reservations for their next Microsoft Excel class, which will be held in the new computer lab on October 19, 2021, from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM. To learn more about The SOD Center’s training and classes, you can visit or contact Training Coordinator, Eva Slagle at 330-337-7669.

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