SOD Training Center – Looking Back and Looking Ahead

SOD Training Center – Looking Back and Looking Ahead

The SOD Training Center celebrated 1 year of operation on November 1st! It’s been a year of trial and error as we figure out what training is most needed, while balancing what needs we are able to meet well. We appreciate your support and willingness to attend training, give us feedback, make training suggestions, and offer your expertise.

We met the 2-year measurable goals of our grant within the first 5 months! To date we’ve hosted 726 training participants, established 22 training partnerships, trained individuals from 79 companies and 57 home zip codes, hosted 2 job fairs with 227 attendees and 25 hiring employers, and added 148 online course options to our training center website.

So what can you expect in 2020? The SOD Training Center will be honing in on training that meets the needs and requests of many local employers. In our remaining grant period from January to June 2020, expect to see the following courses on the SOD Training Center calendar of events:

  • Microsoft Excel – Basics, Intermediate and Advanced courses
  • Professional and Personal Development courses
    • Negotiating – Basics and Advanced
    • Project Management
  • Intro to Seven Tools of Quality
  • Communications Series
    • Effective Communication
    • Business Writing Etiquette
    • Communicating Across Generations
    • Delivering Tough Messages
    • Conflict Resolution
  • Cyber Security Workshop
  • Supervisory Boot Camp
  • Safety Topics
    • OSHA 10 hour courses
    • Basic Fall Protection
    • Crane Operation & Rigging Seminar
    • Emergency Preparedness Planning Workshop

Some of these courses are already on our calendar – others will be posted soon! Visit under the “Training Center” tab, and check back often as new courses are being added. We’ll see you at the Center!

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