2021-26 Economic Dev. Plan

2021-2026 Economic Development Plan

For the City of Salem, Ohio

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2021 - 2026 City of Salem Ohio Economic Development Plan cover

The Economic Development Plan for the City of Salem is meant as a guide toward improving and growing our community. The purpose of this plan is to address issues facing our community. This plan looks at Salem’s assets as well as what Salem is missing, prioritizes the need and takes steps toward obtaining those things that make a community thrive. The plan identifies goals to attract jobs, improve housing and enhance the quality of life.

City leaders and The SOD Center will utilize this plan to work with developers and businesses looking to invest in Salem. In this plan are specific goals and action steps toward achieving success for the Salem community. The goals are intended to be measurable and achievable. The goals outlined throughout this plan are 1 to 5 year goals. Annually leaders of the City and the SOD Center will review and evaluate the progress made toward achieving many of these goals. The intent is to look back on this plan in 5 years and know we have accomplished at least 75% of the goals listed.

The plan identifies areas of need such as business development and support, jobs, housing, education, downtown revitalization, and quality of life. The plan is intended to be flexible, allow for opportunity and account for some unexpected development. The goals in this plan come as a result of information gathered from the community survey, focus groups, city leaders and officials, city consultants, business owners and general feedback collected throughout the year. We hope you find the information pertinent and valuable, and as you read through this plan, you become excited about the future of Salem and consider investment in our community.

Julie L Needs
Executive Director, SOD Center, Inc

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