Financial Resources

Financial resources and banking information for the Salem Ohio area listed in alphabetical order. If you have additional questions regarding financial options for your business, please CONTACT MIKE MANCUSO HERE or call us at 330 337 7669.

Banks in the 44460 Zip Code:


123 North Broadway, , , 44460

Citizens Bank

2233 E. Pershing St., , , 44460

Consumers National Bank

141 S. Ellsworth Ave., , , 44460

Farmers National Bank

1858 E. State St., , , 44460

Home Savings & Loan Company

650 E. State St., , , 44460

Huntington Bank

193 S. Lincoln Ave., , , 44460

Key Bank

315 E. State St., , , 44460

Woodforest National Bank

2875 E. State St., , , 44460


Additional Financial Resources

Mahoning Valley Economic Development Corporation 
Visit Website >

Grow Biz Fund 
Visit Website >

Omega - Revolving Loan Fund 
Visit Website >

Community Action Agency of Columbiana County - CDBG Microenterprise Program 
Visit Website > 

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