Cave Workshop

The Cave: Team Development Workshop

Do you work closely, collaborate, discuss and make decisions with a group of individuals? In your workplace, on a board or executive committee, within an organization or club, or on a team? You need to visit The Cave!

The Cave uses a combination of assessments, a “survival” scenario, and facilitated discussion to:

  • Evaluate how the group is currently functioning
  • Develop group problem-solving skills using a five-step process
  • Understand four techniques to improve communication
  • Create and discuss a group profile to get a perspective on team development
  • Learn about the phases of task and process behaviors
  • Identify group's strengths, barriers, and areas in need of improvement
  • Develop a group action plan related to task and process behaviors

Your team will start with a Group Development Assessment and a team building activity. Shortly after, the team will enter into The Cave  where adventure quickly takes an undesirable turn. They will have to work as a team to decide on a course of action to survive. 

  • Cohesive teams will gain insights that could improve efficiency and decision-making
  • Struggling teams will explore ways to function more effectively
  • Newly formed or reorganized teams can establish a strong foundation for growth, development and results

What others are saying...

"The Cave experience was eye opening, it is so valuable to get out of our typical setting and learn while having some fun”    

“This is a great opportunity for teams to find out how they work together, areas that need improvement, and areas where they work well together all in a fun environment”    ~Anna, Compco

“We all a walked away knowing how using our strengths to impact the team positively and opportunities to improve ourselves”    ~Katy, Compco



The Cave is best suited for teams of 4-10 individuals. The workshop will last approximately 3.5 to 4 hours.


Disclaimer: The team will enter The Cave, a darkened room with dim lighting, for a period of about an hour. Anyone who may feel uncomfortable or anxious in this type of environment is cautioned against entering. 


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Questions? Call Lesley Kline at 330-337-7669 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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