Communication Essentials Series: Generations Working Together (Afternoon option)

Communication Essentials Series: Generations Working Together (Afternoon Option)

This course has been postponed due to the restrictions throughout the State of Ohio at this time. As soon as a new date is determined, this course registration page will be updated and registration will open.

Tue, Apr 21, 2020
01:00 pm -  05:00 pm

Event description:

There are now six generations of employees in today’s workplace. Are you ready for Gen Z? 

Deb Easton, Consultant  

Generations are represented by co-workers, customers or even by a particular generation’s mind-set in the organizational culture itself.  Every generation has a unique definition of: work ethic, good customer service, working methods, expectations of management and teamwork.  Due to these unique perspectives, a sign of respect as offered by one generation may be perceived as an affront to another, potentially creating personal conflicts that affect team effectiveness.  Understanding of the origins of these varying definitions is crucial to a company’s success. Presented in generational costume with humorous reference to the pop culture and slang of each era, this program provides insight regarding:

•    The origins of each generation’s mindsets and values created by shared historical experiences, 
•    The impact of these mindsets in people’s work behavior, 
•    The expectations of Millennials and Gen Z regarding management style, motivation and career path, and
•    The key strategies for communicating most effectively with each generation.

Deborah Easton has been an internationally known communication skills trainer and coach for over 35 years. Through a comedic theatrical approach, Deborah not only demonstrates various communication styles, generational mindsets and difficult interactions, but provides practical strategies for achieving fruitful communication with colleagues, customers or direct reports.  Her training philosophy emphasizes turning the theory of communication into relevant, usable communication skills. Her clients include: NASA Glenn Research Center, Aultman Hospital, Sherwin Williams, First Energy, Saint Gobain Performance Plastics and FedEx Custom Critical. Deborah earned a master’s degree in rhetoric and communication from Kent State University. In 2012, Deborah received the Distinguished Alumni Award for her contributions to the field of communication from the Kent State University Department of Communication Studies. 



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