Cyber Security Workshop

Cyber Security Workshop

The Cyber Security Workshop has been postponed due to the restrictions throughout the State of Ohio at this time. As soon as a new date is determined, this course registration page will be updated and registration will open.

Thu, May 14, 2020
08:30 am -  12:30 pm

Event description:

With nearly 2 million data records stolen each day and sophisticated threats emerging at an alarming rate, it is imperative that we arm ourselves with the information needed to detect, defend and respond to information security threats as they arise. In this highly interactive course, participants will explore key information security concepts, examine threats/how to counter them and review safe computing habits that can be applied at home and in the workplace. This half-day course covers three topics:

1) A simulation-style format follows two virtual characters as they go about a typical day in the workplace and encounter security incidents along the way. You will get a chance to practice good security habits in a safe environment by guiding our virtual characters through real-world security situations. By following the best practice lessons covered in this course, you will be better able to recognize cyber threats and know how to defend against them.

2) Are you aware of your digital footprint? A digital footprint is data created while using the internet. This could be information from emails, social media, or online surveys. Learn how to be more aware of your digital footprint and how to reduce it. Come and learn how criminals use your personal information for phishing attempts, identity theft, ransomware, and other cyber-related crimes!

3) Learn how to clean up your online profile while showing and best practices to safeguard your information. 'Data is money, don't just give it away.'

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